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Braun Cutting blade Coffee Grinder


Genuine Braun replacement part, this item is sold individually.
The purpose of the the cutting blade is to grind your coffee so you can have a nice fresh brewed cup of coffee.
To remove the Blade, use a narrow flat screwdriver, there is a slot in the bottom of the container.
Rotate the blade until you see the slot of the motor lined up with the slot in the housing.
Insert the screwdriver, and using a glove or rag,(so you don’t cut yourself) turn the old blade to remove it.
It is a RH thread.
Reverse the procedure to install the new blade.

To order please call: +91 9811 712 044
Part Number: BR64041622
Compatibility: 4041 Coffee Grinder KSM2 4041 Aromatic
Package: Open
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