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Braun Big Bowl Food processor K series


Replacement Bowl for Braun Multisystem food processor
Type number: 3210
For model numbers:
K850, K950, K1000, K1200, K2000, K3000
KER1, KPC1, KT1, KU1, KC1

This is a genuine Braun part. This high-quality plastic bowl is the primary component in food processors which contains the chopping blades and chosen ingredients. It is an identical replacement for a missing or damaged bowl that originally came with a new unit. Simply remove the old part and set the new one on the base of the appliance when replacing this part. One item is included per order.

To order please call: +91 9811 712 044
Part Number: BR63210652
Compatibility: 3210 Food Processor K850 3210 Multiquick 7 K950 3210 Multiquick 7 K1000 3210 Multiquick 7 K1200 3210 Multiquick 7 K2000 3210 Multiquick 7 K3000 3210 Multiquick 7 KER1 3210 Multiquick 7 KPC1 3210 Multiquick 7 KT1 3210 Multiquick 7 KU1 3210 Multiquick 7 KC1 3210 Multiquick 7
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